3 Ways to Grow Your Organization Without a Marketing Team

Three Straightforward Strategies to Grow Your Organization without a Marketing Team

with Sara Barco

January 19 | 10:00 – 11:00AM CT

Connecting, building relationships, and growing your organization to new levels doesn’t require a full-time marketing team!

Sara is passionate about sharing her three strategies that work for every organization and industry every time they implement them for building and sustaining new growth WITHOUT a marketing team. She will encourage you to begin by thinking about where you are currently with your marketing strategy to dive deeper into the direction you are going and how you will get there.

Where do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in marketing? Do you feel stuck on where to start? Are you lacking confidence in the first steps, so you stay put? Do you spend a fair amount of time on internal marketing strategies? or mostly external? Do you feel like you just can’t seem to create consistency? Is your retention with your customers/donors less than you desire? Sara will challenge you to think outside the box this year in the ways you think of marketing.

Her takeaways for you and your team include:

-Creating Experiences
-Goal/Strategy Setting
-Core Values
-Phases of Your Customers
-Overcoming Objections (and what it would look like to overcome them all)
-Activating Referrals
-Action Steps


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Sara Barco
Sara Barco

About the Presenter

Sara has a true drive and passion for connecting people to more people. With a background in Social Services, Mental Health, Marketing, and Consulting she is able to walk alongside clients through B2B, B2C, Events, lunch ‘N learns, Networking, team training, and growth strategies. She has an excellent understanding of people and how to motivate them to grow into the best versions of themselves for their mission. Her goal is to provide more clarity, more connections, more leads, and more enjoyment in marketing and building relationships to transform and support teams from within. She believes we all are capable of achieving more great work together.


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