How to Craft Messages Your Donors Will Invest In

Learn to craft messages that your donors respond to!

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What keeps donors engaged with our mission is how we communicate. This is especially true when it comes to new ideas and innovations for our organizations. It starts inside with our ability to craft new donor-centric messages, identify the best ones, and integrate them into our fundraising. In this webinar, Grant and Katie will teach you their method for how to generate new ideas. They’ll even use live and interactive participation from the audience.

Each participant will leave with:

  • a new perspective on innovation and
  • sound messaging principles to be used in their fundraising communications for deeper engagement.
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Grant Gooding Craft Messaging Webinar

About the Presenters

Grant’s career began in the mergers and acquisitions world, working first on the legal side then transition management. After a decade of analyzing, valuing, and transitioning hundreds of businesses, Grant naturally gravitated towards understanding the 70% failure rates of acquisitions. After years of analysis, he discovered the leading cause of transaction failures. This was a lack of understanding and measurement as to why customers do business with organizations.

Grant spent the next several years experimenting with methods and measurement techniques that could be used to quantify qualitative data. After working with a nationally renowned brand analyst, Grant discovered a quant method that could be used to assess brand preferences. With that as a starting point, he and his team utilized some principles of neuroscience and created a new methodology that accurately quantifies emotional resonance.


After several hundred iterations, the PROOF method stands alone as one of the most compelling and accurate ways to quantify human emotion. Today, Grant speaks all over the country in the areas of Emotional Data, an emerging field that PROOF is helping pioneer.

Katie Lord Craft Donor Messages Webinar Photo

About the Presenters

Katie Lord is Vice President of Nonprofit Development at Proof. She brings an extensive background in nonprofit development and marketing. At Proof, Katie works with nonprofit client partners to use emotional data to create deeper more strategic relationships. Katie’s passion is working with nonprofit organizations to increase their fundraising and development success through strategic, donor-based communications.

Prior to Proof, Katie has spent her entire career working in the social sector. First, in fundraising and development with three national nonprofit organizations before transferring her skills to nonprofit consulting. She served as a Vice President and Consultant for a national firm, where she worked with clients both regionally and nationally. During her tenure, Katie worked with clients to raise millions of dollars towards their capital goals. She helped them through expanding donor relationships and implementing best practices with her client partners.

Katie is a BoardSource Certified Consultant in board governance. In addition, she is a national speaker and trainer in the nonprofit sector. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Kansas City AFP Chapter, Jackson County CASA, and the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. Katie is a graduate of the University of Kansas. She enjoys traveling, reading, and staying active with her daughter and two dogs.


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