An Intro to Financials for Nonprofits

An Intro to Financials for Nonprofits

with Tosha Anderson

Are you new to the nonprofit sector? Did you start your own nonprofit organization recently? Need some assistance understanding your organization’s reports? This informative webinar on an introduction to financials for nonprofits is for you!

In this session, Tosha Anderson, CPA will go over the basic and more advanced financial statement review for nonprofits. You’ll come to understand the purpose of each report as well as understand the highlights that a critical eye from a financially savvy donor or board member will see. After this webinar, you will be able to understand how to look at reports and realize when things just look “off.” Sound helpful? Download the recording now!

If you’re interested in going more in-depth on financials for nonprofits after this webinar, check out the Essentials of Nonprofit Accounting course. Tosha will guide you through the essentials of nonprofit accounting, presented in 3 easy-to-understand video lessons. Learn the differences between nonprofit accounting and for-profit accounting, how to tell if your NPO is financially healthy, and talk confidently about your finances with board members and donors.

But first, check out the handy tips in this free webinar session!

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